Illuminations of Life

To be a bird, with the wind beneath my wings
or be high on a perch, with inklings to sing.
Given the freedoms of an unending flight,
circling around stars and searching for life.

I see illuminants of blue and gray.
A yellowish light that guides my way.
Vividly appearing the life each light holds,
theyíre reaching for my spirit, tearing at my soul.

Do I dare determine exactly how much time
or leave it up to God, the fate of all mankind?
The only thing I remember, was a long restless night,
a deep pain in my chest that brought fear and fright.

The deeper the breath, the harder to breathe.
the closer to death, the more faith I believed.
The weight in my chest is holding me down
and what I feared most, now dead on the ground.

Give me another chance to make my life last.
one more chance to make right the past.
Iíve cried in life, but now in death,
left without face, to hold the tears Iíve wept.

Itís in the sounds of wind I hear.
the chimes, the end is coming near.
Iíll cross my fingers and hold on tight.
for in a moment to be, an illumination of light.

Hugs and Kisses

Just close your eyes
and take a deep breath.
Fill your heart with love
and put it to the test.

Open your eyes,
to the beauty that is.
Put away the doubt,
for youíre here to give.

Share a smile
for all you believe.
Give hugs and kisses
to those in need.

Itís a valued treasure,
greater than gold.
Itís the gift to love
and it canít be sold.

Hidden in hearts
of young and old.
Captured by the spirit,
embedded in the soul.


Copyright© 2005 Kimberly Crumpler