Depths of Despair

I find myself falling,
spiraling down and down.
I hear whispering winds,
echoed cries, all around.

’ As I'm falling downward,
I try to cry for help.
My eyes are dry, I’m out of breath
and nothing will come out.

I know not where I’m going
or what’s below to see?
I fear the depths of darkness,
for hell is not the place for me.

I feel the heat beneath me now
and see the burning flames.
I know my life was full of sin,
for that I am to blame.

The skeletons move about,
screaming horridly in pain.
And as my flesh begins to melt,
I know I’m destined for the same.

Yet if I had another chance,
to live another day?
I‘d put my trust and faith in god
and pray he’d guide my way.

Second Sight

I am a wavering bat,
flying blindly without route.
It’s clear I cannot see my way
but still I move about.

I feel my wings sustain me
as I’m carried through the air.
Passing walls and barriers
through tunnels with a dare.

I don’t know where I’m going.
or why I just can’t see?
I only know my inner self,
guides the way for me.

I know not if it’s night or day
or if its dark or light?
I only know I choose to go
and continue on in flight.


Copyright© 2005 Kimberly Crumpler