Accept it as fate
or fight for the right?
Believing in dreams,
knowing hope is in sight.

No matter how hard
I try to forget
The facts still delude me,
a life with regrets.

If it wasn’t for air,
we never would breathe.
If it wasn’t for the heart,
love never would succeed.

To extinguish love
and its right to belong.
To break the heart of one
whose held love so strong.

I can’t help you discover,
your innermost fears.
You’re inept to accept
and bring my love near.

Consider for a second
that I may be right.
And if given the chance,
love’s given life.

Ways of the Willing

Unholy creatures in the night
that feed on thoughts like a sweet delight.
They live in your breath, encumber your soul,
prey on your life, 'til the totem bell tolls.

A chime of light or the dong of death,
tomorrow tormented or a day of rest?
To harness values or to set them free?
Only in you will you find destiny.

To hear the harmony only your life plays,
to feel desires in the most heart filled way.
To hold on to your dreams, build what you can,
discovering truths, putting lives in your hands.

Cover your eyes and hold close to your faith,
give of yourself now, before it's too late.
Until the light comes, don't delay,
for once the light passes, it's hell to pay.


Copyright© 2005 Kimberly Crumpler