Thievery of Souls

A shell you'll see, it's all that's left,
from the body you've held, fed and kept.
Creatures of the darkness, survival is their plight,
hunting unsuspecting souls, consuming all the life.

They search for food in bodies that bleed.
A fetish or hunger, for they have to feed.
Once in their grasp, entrapped and caught,
robbed of your will, your strength and thought.

They can strike whenever, you never know,
until left with a rush, stemming head to toe.
They appear in all forms and attack in all ways,
in bodies, through light and even sound waves.

So be aware of their venomous bite!
What should you do, when they're stealing your life?
How to prepare for what could transpire
and not be sucked dry by a thirsty vampire.

If you find yourself dazed, confused and lost,
run for your life, for life is the cost.
Believe what I say and know what to do,
for soon they will come and feed on you.

Quantum Leap

To witness the creation
from conception to birth.
And feel the pains of labor
when a child is disbursed.

To understand the reasons,
for creating a new life.
Live with the decision,
not in fear, but in delight.

Belonging in a sense
as that you're meant to be.
Created for a purpose,
discovered destiny.

All that comes before
and all that goes between,
builds ones soul and spirit
and creates one's self esteem.

Believe in oneself.
Have knowledge and faith.
Know the beauty of life
by the beings you create.


Copyright© 2005 Kimberly Crumpler